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Unlock the potential of 5G with New Star Networks!

As your partner and solutions provider, we have made a solemn oath to bring you more. How poetic that it may be the single biggest shift in the telecommunications industry since the invention of the telephone. What might that be, you guessed it 5G, with speed up to 575Mbps for your organisation and home.

What is 5G

5G is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. 5G is expected to supercharge the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data in real-time, enabling a smarter and More Connected world!

 Benefits of Upgrading to 5G

The main advantages of the 5G are a greater speed in the transmissions, a lower latency and therefore greater capacity of remote execution, a greater number of connected devices and the possibility of implementing virtual networks, providing more adjusted connectivity to concrete needs.

  • Faster, more reliable 5G mobile connections means you and your team can work flexibly and still stay super productive.
  • 5G networks allow small businesses to join up the dots with their customer experience, both online and offline.
  • New technology could become far more accessible to small businesses, thanks to 5G.
  • 5G is already transforming automation, logistics and connectivity across the globe, and looks set to do the same for small businesses in the SA.
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