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We have established ourselves as experts in providing comprehensive Cloud, Fixed, and Broadband services across SA. Our extensive customer base and expanding network of partners contribute to our exceptional ability to deliver innovative solutions to the market.


Delivering the ultimate hosted telephone PABX system (Private Branch Exchange)

Cloud & IT Services

Hosted Backup, Hosted Exchange, IT Support and SCG Live Drive


Fibre leased lines, Microwave, 4G and 5G Mobile data

Microsoft Direct Routing

SCG’s iPBX enables you to deliver a phone system that integrates with the Microsoft Teams environment whilst keeping all its handy telephony features.

SCG brings internationally successful partner offering to South Africa!

As a Partner of SCG you will enjoy being at the leading edge of world class service delivery, cutting edge products and seriously competitive pricing.

  • Super fast internet connections
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customised service options
  • Earn up to 50% of the margin for the life of the customer

Join us now and enjoy being the first wave of life long platinum partners as a reward for being amongst the first to spread the SCG promise across South Africa.

Partner Journey and Onboarding Process

SCG is one of South Africa’s leading providers of hosted telephony,
Cloud and IT services, data and Microsoft Direct Routing.

Whatever your business needs, SCG has the experience and know-how to help optimise the ways in which you communicate so that you can achieve greater heights of efficiency and productivity.

Customer Service

From a single telephone line to a full call centre, unified communications solution or high bandwidth data service, we have the skills and expertise to offer advice and recommendations, all supported by the highest level of customer service.


With over 50 years of combined experience, we have a long history of working with our valued business customers with a partnership approach, simplifying processes based on how you prefer to work.

Quick response

We’re fast to get to your call – 96% of all calls are answered within just three rings and the other 4% within four rings.

No hoops – 1 dedicated point of contact

Every SCG customer benefits from one dedicated point of contact for every aspect of their account.

It’s easy to talk to us

You can speak to us when you want on multiple platforms.


Our proactive approach to Account Management means that you will benefit from an unrivalled level of service while enjoying the benefits of a flexible and innovative supplier at a competitive price point.


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