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Technology and the evolving workplace

As Technological changes arrive, we can sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed and opt to cling to what we know, often putting off facing the challenges of adapting to new systems and the ways they can impact on our working culture.

But these changes are not a new thing. In fact, the way we work has changed drastically even since the 1960’s when most businesses were dependent on the public telephone company to connect their inter-office calls. Calling your co-worker back then was no different than calling a neighbor both in terms of costs and having no idea why they don’t answer their phone (many businesses even today still have this problem!).

Today, the open office defines the modern workspace – meant for in-person collaboration and communication. The key enablers of the open office and on-the-go work style are the incredible changes in our industry. The shift to mobility and cloud communications has changed how the modern workforce communicates within its own business environment. We can now be in touch at the click of a button in the full knowledge of when people are available to take our call, feeling like we are all in easy reach of each other… wherever we are in the world!

As the world rapidly transitions from on-premises technology to the Cloud (hosted/off site technology), we talk a lot about how the cloud shifts expenses from Capex to Opex. We discover not only how it can save money, but how speedy and how innovative it is. Furthermore, we can see the profound impact that cloud technology is having on group working communications and heightened productivity!

Over the years we have identified some key trends that will transform the way people communicate and collaborate in the next decade:


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[accordion-item title=”The Cloud Replaces PBX”]

The tyranny of the PBX is being overturned! But what does this even mean?
Until very recently, the desk phone was stuck in the 1990s, subservient to the archaic call platform. Replacing that antique call control system has paved the way for a ‘Collaboration’ platform, born in the Cloud, designed to enable increased connection between co-workers and their clients.

[accordion-item title=”Greater Intelligence”]

Rich media with more intelligence is coming into our offices, conference rooms, meeting spaces – offering more collaboration opportunities than with a voice-only solution. Now you have voice, video, and content sharing with an incredible and growing array of features.

[accordion-item title=”Disruption of the Vertical “Stack””]

Systems that were vertically integrated are being disrupted. We are breaking down silos and the call control no longer dictates or limits what your endpoints (headsets, video and audio conferencing solutions, desk phones) can do!

[accordion-item title=”Democratized Communications”]

The user has all the control. Software in the cloud and software on smart devices offers a variety of experiences. This empowers businesses more than ever to choose a solution that works best for them. We have entered the era of democratized communications where users select the experience that works bests for their needs and preferences.




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