Uncategorized   :   23rd March 2020

Out beyond the Corona Virus is the Cloud

Out beyond the Corona Virus is the Cloud: Let’s grow our businesses there.. together.

Many years ago, I became heavily involved in web and audio conferencing, utilising almost any angle I could think of to promote them. They have always been great enablers, but they were always a choice, another option to choose from for the buyer. Today we are looking at an unprecedented crisis with potentially a medium to long term shift from doing business in person to doing it remotely, or virtually.

Whether this sounds surprising or surprisingly obvious to you it is the beginning of a major shift from on premise modes of working to Cloud (hosted/off premise) solutions. These solutions enable people to continue engaging, trading, collaborating and growing both their businesses and their networks of value-based relationships. Furthermore, the move to the cloud as the environment for connecting and transacting is creating a whole new space for communities to grow and thrive.

More time spent connecting and less time spent trying to connect is leading to many more possibilities, and possibilities are the stuff that hope is made of. If we embrace the challenge that this crisis presents us with and take up the gauntlet to keep connecting, learning, developing and delivering valuable products in this space then we will grow and we will prosper; not only in spite of the challenge but precisely because of it.

On an hourly basis our Tech support teams are enabling businesses to re-organise their people, working wherever they need to, whenever they need to. I don’t mean this lightly when I say that it is a privilege to be able to meaningfully help our clients weather the crisis and not lose their momentum wherever possible.

The challenge today is to keep up our pace of connecting and trading, increase it wherever possible, get creative together and leverage the virtual/cloud space for everything that we need it to be worth.

Mark Shraga
Managing Director
New Star Networks Limited

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