Uncategorized   :   6th November 2014

NSN sponsors the short film "Dreaming of Peggy Lee"

NSN are delighted to announce that we are proudly sponsoring the production of the short film “Dreaming of Peggy Lee”.

The films lead actress, Aryana Engineer has impaired hearing and yet she has already starred alongside ‘Fifth Element’ star Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil 5, and in the lead role of Hollywood Horror film Orphan.

The film will have a documentary feature made about it by the BBC’s SEE HEAR series as the central aspects of the movie relate to the hopes and dreams of two children with hearing impairment.

NSN stands for New Star Networks and we love to invest in New Stars!… and you can too.
Help NSN and the production team of Dreaming of Peggy Lee raise awareness around the real potential for deaf children by making a minimum donation of £2.

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