Uncategorized   :   21st February 2018

NSN Launches Mobile Finance Model to the Channel

‘The smart business person in today’s mobile market knows that taking a deal straight with the network for ‘free’ hardware actually means taking a higher purchase agreement as you will be paying for the device with higher monthly payments over the contract term.

To fulfil our customers’ requirements and to battle the networks directly, in a very competitive environment, we have aligned our commercials to meet these needs.

With the cost of mobile devices spiralling with every new Smartphone release, we are now able to fund our customers hardware requirements on a finance deal to supplement the fantastic mobile tariff deals we offer on multiple networks.’

Over the coming months we are working with HHV Finance to bring extend this model across our complete range of business communications hardware solutions.

Ryan Kersey
Channel Director
New Star Networks Ltd

Henry Howard Vendor Finance partners with New Star Networks (NSN)

‘This partnership brings together the “can do” attitude of Henry Howard Finance, one of the UKs largest independent funders in the telecoms market and New Star Networks, with their commitment to always be connecting their customers now.’

‘The result is a flexible and accessible range of hardware finance options perfectly in step with the dynamic approach that NSN has leveraged to become B2B telecoms market leaders’

Dan Proctor
Commercial Director & Head of Henry Howard Vendor Finance

Case study

Events Company in London, were keen to shift their mobiles from being managed directly by the networks to having nsn manage them inhouse.

They required Apple iPhone 8 64Gb Handsets but were not wanting to pay anything upfront.
They are a very data hungry business so wanted 20Gb on each phone.

With our new leasing model, we were able to accommodate this at £55 per month with nothing to pay upfront*

*o2.co.uk business has this priced at £29.99 one off and £60.00 per month

Vodafone.co.uk business has this priced at £40.83 one off and £66.00 per month

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