Uncategorized   :   20th February 2014

NSN Launches Customer Experience Charter

799 years ago one of the most important documents in history was put together and agreed with the seal of King John in 1215: The Magna Carta.

Inspired by the coming 800th anniversary, of the first government charter for improving the quality of life for all of the people, we at NSN have decided to create a Customer Charter that applies to all of our customers regardless of size.

Our customer charter sets out in brief the 7 key commitments to you that have been designed to ensure you receive the highest quality of service possible from the NSN Team:

  • Everything about our business shall be designed to meet your needs.
  • Every customer is an opportunity to improve our performance.
  • We will always strive to assess your exact needs before making recommendations for change.
  • It’s not about what is important to NSN – it is always about what is important to you – the customer.
  • We shall continuously be planning to give you, the customer, a better experience by:
    • Prioritising your needs
    • Communicating clearly and consistently
    • Delivering high quality service
  • Creating a better work place, and equal opportunities as the basis for ensuring a high quality service environment.
  • All of our actions shall serve to create a positive experience for you, the customer.

For more information on the anniversary celebrations for the Magna Carta please visit http://magnacarta800th.com

For more information on the service that NSN provides please contact us on: 0800 054 6200

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