Uncategorized   :   18th March 2020

Keep Calm and Work from Home

As the world battles COVID-19 it’s important to remember that we are in this together (even though we have to stay apart physically, for now).

The good news is that with NSN your team can seamlessly work from anywhere!

With our powerful system your staff can:

  • Plug their IP desk phones into any modem that has network connectivity or work from a laptop via our browser phone
  • Make and receive calls from their extensions using their mobile phones. This can be done via our innovative mobile app (available for Android and iOS) which essentially allows staff to put their desk phones in their pockets.
  • Phone colleagues on their extensions free of charge and transfer calls between other staff members.
  • Forward extensions to mobile phones at the click of a button.
  • Use our Agent Workspace to login remotely allowing for time and attendance to be monitored.
  • Reroute calls from our system to other numbers.

There is a lot that New Star Networks can do to help you and your team navigate through these trying times.


Please contact us for any further information or advice with regards to remote working.




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