Uncategorized   :   3rd November 2016

Getting more from iPBX

An open letter from Sharleen Bothma:

Dear iPBX – Cloud Telephony Customer

I trust you are enjoying the use of your NSN iPbx Hosted Telephony Solution.

Looking at technical data we notice that our customers are not utilising all the iPBX platform has to offer, listed below are a few great additions to the system that may be of interest to you.

Voicemail To Email
If you are away from your desk and someone leaves a voice mail on your phone, this can be delivered to you via an email attachment on your mobile device allowing you to listen back to the message whilst away from your desk

Phone Buddy
A little application that runs on your PC, look up contacts, click to dial and get instant access to your call history

Call Recording
Does your company need to record calls? Would your business benefit from recording your calls for training purposes? For a small incremental monthly charge, we can switch on the function to record your calls in and out of the business.

iPBX For Mobile
Easily add an iPBx extension onto your mobile phone, become part of your system when out of the office or abroad.

Auto Attendant and Call Queuing
Are you dealing with multiple inbound calls? Would you like your inbound calls handled more effectively? We can set you up with an Auto Attendant I.e. Welcome to NSN, Press 1 for support, 2 for sales, etc. Call queuing means that we hold your calls in the cloud and deliver them to available handsets as they become free.

We have a huge range of compatible headsets for our phones, wired and wireless options to increase productivity for heavy phones users.

Conference units and iPBX conference numbers
We have units available for all budgets, no more frustrating conference calls off a desk phone with multiple people trying to speak in a meeting room.

An iPBX conference number means any of your iPBX phones call into the bridge for free, local call rate for any external users dialling into your unique number (In many cases these calls are now free too).

Easily monitor and manage call data from any location, display on monitors in your office.
Live demo of wallboards click here.

Training requirements and System issues
If you have any training requirements or have any ongoing issues that you would like us to look into please click this link and log a ticket, a member of our operations team will contact you right back.

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