Uncategorized   :   3rd October 2016

In the Driving Seat with NSN Channel Director Ryan Kersey

Recently I was invited by our Bank, Barclays to attend a track day at Silverstone.

As I finally embraced zooming around Silverstone in the iconic Porsche 911 I felt a little frustrated about the time it was taking me to grasp moving up into a higher level car, I needed to trust the car and embrace the change. Had I done this earlier I would have had more fun instead of feeling nervous throughout the first part of the session.

This reminded very much of the recent gear shift in my role here at NSN. In the past 2 months I completed the process of moving fully from Business Development Manager to Channel Director culminating in being made a full articled Director of New Star Networks (NSN). This change is now sinking in and I am learning to trust my knowledge, embrace change and really enjoy my role. The company is being driven forward at a great pace and I am really excited about how far we can go. I warmly invite you to come along for the ride!

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