Uncategorized   :   4th February 2016

Connecting you (in the) now

From the desk of the CEO:

When creating the tagline for New Star Networks (NSN) I was looking for something that expressed exactly what we did, with an extra added shot of immediacy. So ‘Connecting you now’ became our tagline and five years on we have done exactly that, for over 2500 companies; catapulting NSN into the Deloitte UK Tech Fast50 last year.
When seeking feedback from our customers a common but always rewarding statement is that they now felt more like a name rather than just a number. This happened again today, so I took some time out to reflect on why this might be the case. One possible reason is that we focus hard on making each customer feel like they genuinely matter to us by contacting them on a regular basis and taking the time to take an interest in their business.
One of the main things we try to get across to our staff who are on the front line with our customers is that they must turn up fully for the customer. It’s not enough to just clock in or even basically get it right. When you fully show up people know the difference i.e. no one likes to feel like having you talk to them is just another mundane task or chore. And doing this to others is actually just contributing to a culture where you’re likely to be treated with similar indifference.
We talk a lot about presence in Communications, whether it be through a website, audio or video conferencing, social media or marketing in general. The quality of the content shared in any of these mediums is arguably most strongly affected by how present you were when you created it. More specifically, where were you.. really (in your mind) whilst doing it? Last year’s Skiing holiday? Thinking about navigating the recycling trucks on tomorrows’ school run? When you were writing the text about your new product for your website were you actually explaining it or explaining it away so that its simply done, and out of the way?
Without getting too far into an area known as Mindfulness, the key here is to stop all of the other stuff that isn’t about what you are actually doing right now.. and give the rest of your attention fully, to whatever it is you are doing, or to whoever it is you are talking to.
Now notice the difference in quality.
Everyone else will, I guarantee it.

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