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Comms National Awards – NSN: Truly A New Star Rising

Comms National Awards Comms National Awards

Over the last 3 months NSN has experienced a rewarding level of coverage in the industry press, both in the Comms Business Magazine and in the industry leading paper Comms Dealer.

This has presented the growing success of our company to tens of thousands of businesses both within our industry and across many different market sectors. We are especially proud to be short listed for 2 coveted industry awards in the October 2013 Comms National Awards:

  • Best Channel Convergence Distributor
  • The ‘nine group’ Customer Service Award

Our key breakthrough back in July as a £3M business, in under 3 years of trading, has opened up many new opportunities and confirmed the value of our recent strategies over the last 12 months in the Cloud and Hosted Telephony product arenas.

What this means to you as a NSN customer or strategic partner is that we are growing stronger and stronger based on our Service and essentially, our mission values of working closer with you than any other telecoms company in the UK.

This is set to continue as we further develop and enhance our online systems, products sets and further drive down the costs of lifeblood services such as ‘Fixed’, ‘Mobile’ and ‘Hosted’ Telephony.

We are looking for great stories from our customers, partners and suppliers that provide case studies showing where we have come from, how we have delivered on our promises and that provide the feedback we need to ensure we continue to deliver great service across the board.

Contact me today and find out how NSN and your business can work closer together for shared success and prosperity.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Shraga
Managing Director
New Star Networks Limited

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