Can choosing the right channel partner skyrocket your business? The answer is unequivocally yes! After 20 years of being in this industry the one thing I know to be essential to success is having the right partnerships in place.

In 2003 I took the leap from direct selling to channel sales in IT distribution. The space was booming yet saturated which made getting constant traction in the market tricky to pull off. The turning point for me was when we took the time to understand what the partner had to offer their client and how we could strategically align ourselves better to support our partners.

I embarked on a mission to establish a channel partner program with serious momentum by asking one simple question:

Who is the customer?

Many businesses don’t fully know who their customer is, what drives them or what they value the most in their purchasing strategy.



My mission was to understand my partners existing go-to market approach and how they were winning new customers at their best.

From there we mirrored the partners unique way of winning loyalty, layering our products into their customers in exactly the same way i.e. how their customers prefer to buy from them. The Channel partner then believed in our service offering and would begin to launch more of our services to their customers.

What they wanted was to create business deals and add services that would bring in high revenue streams.

The end user focus is on the people who would in turn be using these services. They wanted a high end, quality product with uninterrupted service.

How do we implement this new Channel Partner program at NSN today?

Our aim is to always be providing the tools to assist the partner in delivering value added services to all their customers, using both pre and post sales techniques.

By choosing the correct channel partner you want to ensure that the company has a comprehensive strategy in place. Our go-to market strategy is flawless and ruthless. Simply put, you want a service/ product with all the backend management, we will provide you with exactly that. In fact, we’ve worked hard to optimize all of our product offerings to fit every client’s specific needs.

With our extensive marketing background and go-to market support we can offer you the best strategies to ensure that you will be able to achieve and exceed your goals. Furthermore, with over R4 million paid in partner commissions this year alone, our partners results speak for themselves.

The simplicity that comes with choosing NSN as your channel partner, provides you with everything you need, backed by our unique partner success guarantee. Call us today to find out how choosing NSN was the last decision you needed to make before your business went to the next level.

Our partner guarantee isn’t just as a company that excels at delivering value, but also from my team and I who value the trust of our partners.. it’s not just business… it’s personal.

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