As a business, you want to create as much value as possible – for your customers, your staff, and your shareholders.

New Star Networks’ (NSN) Channel Partner program is a great example of a winning strategy for creating tremendous amounts of value.

You can increase sales by adding NSN’s wide range of impressive products and services to your suite of offerings – including hosted telephony, hosted phone systems, IP telephony, and cloud phone systems.

With decades of experience in bringing high-quality telephony solutions to the South African market, NSN has built a channel of over 400 partners and more than 2,750 clients.

NSN Channel Director Wesley Swart says “Unlike its competitors, NSN does far more than just distribute products to resellers.”

“We work closely with our partners throughout the sales process – leveraging our marketing expertise and technical knowledge to help them create more value for more customers, keeping them happy whilst boosting wallet share.”

As an NSN partner, you can access an incredible amount of value, including world-class service delivery, cutting-edge products, commercial support, competitive pricing, and many tools that let you keep your focus on building customer relationships and developing your business.

At the pre-sales level, NSN then helps its channel partners to execute the perfect sales pitch through presentations, webinars, and training – helping its partners close more deals and make more money.

Once a contract is signed, it helps its channel partners through a specially-designed portal that gives partners all the tools necessary to serve their customers.

These portals are customised to suit each partner and contract’s unique needs and will help you disrupt your market, optimise your efficiency, and generate major growth.

The complete NSN Channel Partner program comprises a five-step process that has proven to be incredibly effective for its partners:

  1. Partner onboarding
  2. Prospect creation
  3. Sales assistance
  4. Marketing support
  5. Revenue Share

Not only does this process serve existing partners well, it has attracted a wealth of new partners to NSN’s Channel Partner Program, too.

NSN continues to build on this success, as well as mutual trust with its existing partners, to continuously help companies exceed their goals.

What our partners have to say

As a testimony to the incredible service NSN provides to its customers, here is what a few of its partners have to say.

“NSN has proven to be an indispensable partner in supplying cloud-based telephony, connectivity, and IT solutions to my clients,” said Nextelecom Director Paul Schultz.

“From the initial customer engagements, design, and implementation to the after-sales support, NSN provides first-class service levels.”

“With a focus on building lasting relationships and providing innovative solutions, NSN is the ideal supplier to partner with in the Telco space!” said Schultz.

The Director of Skytel, a proud NSN partner, said “I have only been a Partner since March this year (2022) and I must admit that I have only received the most amazing service from every single staff member at NSN.”

“From the start you all made me feel like family – like I belong. You guys are absolutely amazing.”

“Proficient, professional, courteous, friendly, and extremely helpful – I am so excited to be a part of NSN, to be associated with NSN, and also to have received the Gold Partner Award in such a short time.”

“Thank you for all your support and assistance. I am looking forward to continuing our professional, business and personal relationship with you going forward.”

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Physical health and fitness have, for a long time, been the determining factors of whether someone is well enough to perform their duties within the workplace. After all, an employee who is in peak health would certainly outperform their flu-ridden colleague, and a door-to-door salesman wouldn’t be expected to carry out their duties with a broken leg.

More recently, the focus has shifted to wellness that we can’t always see. Poor mental health frequently doesn’t have physical symptoms but can have as much of an adverse effect, if not more, on the productivity and performance of an employee. It can often lead to absenteeism or presenteeism, both of which harm your business.

Absenteeism: The habitual absence from work over a prolonged period.

Presenteeism: Being physically present at work but not functioning at peak productivity.

Employees with improved mental health are more engaged and committed; they will make more informed decisions and are more likely to have innovative and creative ideas. Additionally, when someone feels they have further control over their workload, motivation increases boosting productivity and performance and driving your business forward.

How can you create a culture at work to promote stronger mental health?

One of the key drivers of poor mental health in the workplace is the work-life balance. As a result, your company policies on this subject will be of great importance to potential job candidates, and at times even more so than prospective salary.

HR and payroll software provider CIPHR polled over 1,000 UK workers to find out which job aspects matter most to them. The report reveals that the top three most important aspects of a job, ranked by popularity, are:

Where employees feel the need to be ‘always on’, presenteeism is becoming more common due to a false economy which results in less productivity. Subsequently, they no longer feel connected in either the workplace or their personal lives, leading to burnout.

Often this feeling is unknowingly promoted by the actions of leaders within an organisation, such as not taking breaks, or responding to emails outside of working hours. It is important that the work-life balance forms a core part of company values, and that you enable your employees to feel More Present in the moment, both at home and in the workplace.

Improving the balance means employees can spend more time away from work doing things that they enjoy, and when they return, they’re refreshed and ready to go.

Quick wins in this area are:

A more favoured and longer-term solution, however, is offering your employees a successful method of hybrid working.

What does a successful hybrid work model look like?

Be it Remote-first, Office-occasionally or Office-first, a hybrid model encourages flexible and blended working from different locations. This can be an official arrangement between employer and employee, or something more ad-hoc.

Hybrid working is one of the more successful methods of promoting a healthy work-life balance for your staff for many reasons:

Without the right processes and technology in place, however, there can be some negative effects of hybrid working, such as:

What tools can you provide your hybrid workers to enable them to Be More Present?

Having established that hybrid working enables people to Be More Present in both their work and personal lives, how can you ensure your employees can execute every function of their job wherever they are? The answer lies in using the right technology for both communication and connectivity.

Cloud-based Hosted Telephony

Offer your employees the ability to take their office set up home with them. A hosted handset will work wherever there is a broadband connection, alternatively use a mobile app to enable the transfer of calls onto a personal device without creating diverts. Removing the need to commute to the office frees up time for personal needs, without taking time away from the working day.

Microsoft Teams

We have seen the rise of Microsoft Teams during the pandemic, not just for the video conferencing aspect, but for collaboration, scheduling and file sharing. Whole departments can communicate via chat groups and conference rooms, no matter where they are working, and receive real-time views and responses; no more lengthy email trails where aspects of the conversation can be easily lost or veer off in another direction.

Most importantly, Teams offers employees an opportunity to communicate effectively in a face-to-face environment, building strong working relationships, regardless of where they are in the world.


Where it’s not possible to rely on broadband, 5G can provide a fast and reliable connection that businesses can use just about anywhere. Connectivity hubs powered by 5G SIMs allow multiple devices to connect, creating an office space in minutes.

Why NSN is best suited to support your hybrid workforce

We have been specialists in bringing people and technology together to create positive change since 1965. With both the tools and the experience to optimise your connectivity, we will help you achieve greater heights of efficiency and productivity.

Our suite of communication services enables you to work seamlessly across video, mobile and VoIP telephony, helping you to be wherever your customers need you to be, whenever they need you to be there.

Allow your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere and benefit from the impact it has on their work/life balance.

Call us today on 087 135 9703 to find out how we will empower your staff to Be More Present in work, life and in the moment, generating the productivity and performance results your business deserves.

As your partner and solutions provider, we have made a solemn oath to bring you more. How poetic that it may be the single biggest shift in the telecommunications industry since the invention of the telephone. What might that be, you guessed it 5G, with speed up to 575Mbps for your organisation and home.

What is 5G

5G is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. 5G is expected to supercharge the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data in real-time, enabling a smarter and More Connected world!

 Benefits of Upgrading to 5G

The main advantages of the 5G are a greater speed in the transmissions, a lower latency and therefore greater capacity of remote execution, a greater number of connected devices and the possibility of implementing virtual networks, providing more adjusted connectivity to concrete needs.

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New Star Networks Business Partners benefit from the convenience of no contracts, and you’ll have full control of your timeframes, so you decide how and when your clients receive their service.

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At New Star Networks, we see Telecoms as our expertise, but Customer Service is our forte.  When asked how we achieve our 99.5% retention rate and 5* Hellopeter rating, the answer is simple…everything we do is designed around our customer’s experience from start to finish.

We make ourselves easy to reach – 4 rings and you are connected with your own personal Account Manager.

We provide a broad spectrum of products, across different networks, to ensure you have the complete telecoms solution – just one invoice to process and one point of contact for anything telecoms related.

We recognise that although the price is important, having suppliers that deliver a great product and great support is vital to how we deliver our own experience; so, we work with our Partners and Suppliers to ensure that we receive the best service from them, for the best price possible.

Fundamentally though, what makes us stand out is our flexible approach in everything we do.  We see every customer for who they are and what they do, and we aim to be as accommodating to their circumstance as we can.  Our customers are not experts in the field of telecoms, they are experts in their own field, so we give them all the benefits of using their favourite networks, without having to deal with their favourite networks.

In a nutshell, at New Star Networks, we make the experience as simple as possible for our customers, we focus on their telecoms needs so that they can focus on the rest. To read more about this in our existing customers’ own words, please visit our Hellopeter page.


If you would like to find out more about how New Star Networks can help your business, contact Wesley on and our team of experts will be happy to discuss the most appropriate solution for your business.


Many businesses have embraced flexible working, recent research reveals that both employers and employees expect it to continue long into the future. Collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams have become the centrepiece of the digital workplace, allowing people to work from anywhere. This situation made people realise how important connectivity really is, and the enormous impact on productivity and growth caused by poor connectivity, leading to staff frustration and inefficiency. However, a good internet connection opens a world of possibilities for businesses. Here are the top three ways connectivity can help your business to grow and #BeMoreVisible:

1. Taking advantage of modern technology opportunities

Our world is now driven by data and technology so being able to fully utilise them supplies a definite competitive edge. More, technologies such as telephony or instant messaging are now cloud-based and require high-speed connectivity. This will become even more prominent with the dawn of Artificial Intelligence.

2. Increased cyber security

39% of businesses have reported a rise in the number of cyber security attacks in the last 12 months. Cybercriminals can do a lot of damage to your business by targeting your finances, however, they can also have a severe impact on your brand. 4G is extremely reliable, well tested, and has been proven in its capabilities; but furthermore, 5G supplies a more secure service so businesses know that they’re not just investing in better connectivity, but also improved security.

3. Increased Productivity

Due to a slow internet connection communication between applications, staff and organisations is not as efficient as it should be. Besides, 36% of hybrid workers report being more productive and 34% more in control of their work when working from home.

Whatever your industry, New Star Networks has the right connectivity solution for you. Book a meeting with our Channel Director, Wesley on so he can he your business #BeMoreVisible

This means your business gets the ultimate flexible and the best solutions available.

The wait is over, and we are excited to announce that NSN can now help you to port your 08* numbers such as 087/086. 

We announced in February that we will be starting Non-Geographic number porting with the finalization in place by ICASA. 

*R50 per month and at half the smart access price, you will manage the number and changes from the NSN’s portal


Lowest priced solutions available
We have the best Support team
Multiple Networks to choose from
One Supplier – One Platform

Always strive for progress

Finally, after knocking on the door for 16 years to achieve such a milestone just proves that even the smallest progression counts towards big wins.

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By Wesley Swart

Channel Director, NSN

Can choosing the right channel partner skyrocket your business? The answer is unequivocally yes! After 20 years of being in this industry the one thing I know to be essential to success is having the right partnerships in place.

In 2003 I took the leap from direct selling to channel sales in IT distribution. The space was booming yet saturated which made getting constant traction in the market tricky to pull off. The turning point for me was when we took the time to understand what the partner had to offer their client and how we could strategically align ourselves better to support our partners.

I embarked on a mission to establish a channel partner program with serious momentum by asking one simple question:

Who is the customer?

Many businesses don’t fully know who their customer is, what drives them or what they value the most in their purchasing strategy.



My mission was to understand my partners existing go-to market approach and how they were winning new customers at their best.

From there we mirrored the partners unique way of winning loyalty, layering our products into their customers in exactly the same way i.e. how their customers prefer to buy from them. The Channel partner then believed in our service offering and would begin to launch more of our services to their customers.

What they wanted was to create business deals and add services that would bring in high revenue streams.

The end user focus is on the people who would in turn be using these services. They wanted a high end, quality product with uninterrupted service.

How do we implement this new Channel Partner program at NSN today?

Our aim is to always be providing the tools to assist the partner in delivering value added services to all their customers, using both pre and post sales techniques.

By choosing the correct channel partner you want to ensure that the company has a comprehensive strategy in place. Our go-to market strategy is flawless and ruthless. Simply put, you want a service/ product with all the backend management, we will provide you with exactly that. In fact, we’ve worked hard to optimize all of our product offerings to fit every client’s specific needs.

With our extensive marketing background and go-to market support we can offer you the best strategies to ensure that you will be able to achieve and exceed your goals. Furthermore, with over R4 million paid in partner commissions this year alone, our partners results speak for themselves.

The simplicity that comes with choosing NSN as your channel partner, provides you with everything you need, backed by our unique partner success guarantee. Call us today to find out how choosing NSN was the last decision you needed to make before your business went to the next level.

Our partner guarantee isn’t just as a company that excels at delivering value, but also from my team and I who value the trust of our partners.. it’s not just business… it’s personal.

Get a taste of SUCCESS! Send me an email on


As a channel only business, our channel partners (dealers) are at the heart of NSN and what we do.

Through our Exclusive Affinity Marketing, we release our live marketing calendar quarterly in advance to our partners so they are fully aware of our themes for each month and the dates for our webinars, training, social media activity and any mailers available for co-branding to send to their customer base – providing the dates and themes in advance allows our partners to plan and generally be available for key releases from NSN

Since we started releasing a quarterly calendar


we have seen attendances on our webinars increase by 60% so clearly forward planning is working!

In a catch up Teams meeting I had with Mark Shraga (our Managing Director), we discussed how we could be adding even more value to our Channel Partners. We decided that whilst the webinars are a super important part of our engagement and will continue on a monthly basis, what if our partners felt that they needed a more private engagement to discuss matters away from the rest of our partner channel in a more confidential setting? After a couple of coffees we decided to launch the ‘Dealer Drop In Clinic’ for the month of July offering 30 minute slots throughout 2 Fridays for the partners to join their BDM and myself on a Teams call to discuss literally anything that is on their mind

The pilot scheme was a resounding success, one of the first partners who joined stated ‘that was the most valuable and productive 30 minutes I have had in business for as long as I remember’

The call allows for partners to discuss any pertinent any service related issues, receive updates on any key provisioning tickets, set up a WhatsApp group for quick access to the Senior Management Team amongst other items, then I can chat through their development plans for the next phase of the year, run through commission targets, set goals, organise a marketing engagement plan for the quarter ahead and offer insights and advice on growing their commission cheque.

On review of the trial during June and the feedback we received, we have decided that the dealer drop in clinics will remain and will run fortnightly throughout the calendar year.

Email if you would like to know more!

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